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About Dan Powers

Dan started in the visual arts back in the 1980s with his first fully manual 35-millimeter camera – that was film, not digital, by the way. 10 years ago he bought his first video handicam to document and help promote his music business. From there, he claims, “It was all downhill…”

“During college I had the good fortune to study under the great experimental filmmaker Will Hindle. Will taught us to shoot first and ask permission later. I carry that ethic with me today.” Dan also managed to wiggle out of college with degrees in Liberal Arts, Public Speaking and Electronic Music Composition. Dan calls himself a “chronic entrepreneur” and currently is the owner of Dan Powers Sound+Vision, a video production company that specializes in businesses, bands, and non-profits.

Dan Powers with face half in shadow

Awards and Accomplishments

As Dan notes on his website, “Moving to video, this is an extension of photography. Except it moves and has sound, has a different capture device and editing software. Other than that, it’s just the same but different.” Dan classifies himself as pathologically anti-authoritarian. In 2008 he was awarded a commission to illustrate composer and songwriter Mike Sult’s new CD, “Moving Target.” Dan has received numerous awards over the years including the WACE (Western Alliance of Chamber Executives) award for best motivational video and the Business Support Award from The San Jose Awards Program (2016 and 2017). Dan’s work has also been shown on the Archaeology Channel. Today Dan Powers Sound+Vision works with a variety of business from sole practitioners to international companies. Since 2005 Dan has obtained a solid business background by acting as a business advisor to professional firms. When Dan is not out coaxing the unique out of the trivial or sneaking up on unsuspecting subjects, he is found playing in his band, The Dan Goghs.

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